We serve God by serving people in need of physical, emotional, and spiritual support. Many people come to us through various agencies and churches. We personally meet with each of them to see if they truly are in need. We also want them to have some skin in the game and not just a handout. Then, we use our connections to seek donated items from charitable organization, local businesses, churches, and the community to provide for specific physical needs. It could be as simple as a kitchen table and chairs for a family to sit and eat together, a washing machine for laundry, or a desktop computer for a child to do homework.

No matter the need, we believe that through prayer, God will provide.

Once the physical need is met, we take the next step to provide emotional and spiritual support that will impact the live of these individuals and families for years to come. A rising tide lifts all boats. Please join us in helping make our community the best that it can be.

But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

Phillipians 4:19

Community events where non-profit organizations, Fraternities, Rotary Clubs, 4-H Clubs and members from all religious backgrounds joined together to provide for these with food insecurities. This is the village of Horace Holmes Ministries.

Being a part of the Society of St Andrews – Gleaning America’s Fields, Feeding America’s Hungry Event was an honor. The Society of St Andrews partnered with Atrium Navicent Health and gave away produce to anybody who came by.

The name of this ministry is Streets to Success. A gentleman by the name of Ray Rover, a good friend of mine, God told him about 19 years ago to buy two basketballs. He was faithful with those two basketballs. They’ve been touching so many lives of, of young people in this community. And then he started working, giving breakfast every Sunday morning. They’ve been doing that for 19 years. Even during Covid, they didn’t miss one, and now he’s serving Christmas meals as well.

I tell you, I love working with this young man. I say young man, I’m, I’m probably older than he is. Great guy, loves God, but you get a chance to see the ministry that is going on all the pans in the back. I may do a, a shot of the pans and show ’em to you as well. This is what service is all about.

Providing books and other resources to local schools in underserved areas.

Get Connected

If you would like to know more about how you can help our ministry and show God’s Love in Action, or if you are able to provide resources that can help change the lives of those in need, then we want to hear from you!