“By opening doors, we will connect those in need with those who have resources, teaching individuals to take life step by step, so they may grow into the fullness of what God created them to be.”

Yvonne and Horace Holmes

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What Impact Have You Made

Putting God’s Love into Action will help create a ripple effect that only the Holy Spirit can do.  Imagine the impact you can have in the lives of others.  Simple acts of kindness can turn into life changing moments.


Empowering People for Service. Service to God, to Family, and to our community

As servant leaders, we are called by our Creator to be a reflection of His love on earth.  Leading by the example set by Jesus, we seek to empower those in need with the emotional and spiritual enlightenment that changes lives.


Through our actions we seek to show that we are inspired by the Holy Spirit to help those in need.

The inspiration that comes from God to serve others in their time of need.  We seek to not only be inspired ourselves, but to inspire those around us to join our mission.


We invite those who are looking for an opportunity to make a difference in our local community to serve others.

It truly is better to give than to receive.  By serving others you will be rewarded in ways you could not even imagine.  Join us in helping change lives and making the community we serve a better place for everyone.

Community Partnerships

Get Connected

We want to hear from you. How has God’s Love in Action helped you? Or how has Horace Holmes Ministries impacted your life. We would like to be able to others your story.